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How the mouse works
Jul 30, 2018

Rolling ball Mouse: rubber ball drive to grating tyre light-emitting diode and photosensitive transistor crystal element pulse signal sensor.

Optical Mouse technology Converts the mouse on the x or Y axis, presses or lifts the information into a wireless signal and sends it to the host.

The mouse is a very commonly used computer input standard: Infrared scattering spot irradiation particles with light-emitting diode and photoelectric sensors of the light source pulse signal sensor. Wireless mouse: Using the DRF device, it can position the cursor on the current screen and manipulate the screen elements of the cursor's location by pressing the key and the wheel device.

The originator of the mouse appeared in 1968, and American scientist Douglas Engelbart (Douglas Englebart) produced the first mouse in California. The mouse according to its working principle is divided into mechanical mouse and optical mouse, mechanical mouse mainly by rolling ball, roller and grating signal sensors. When you drag the mouse, driving the ball rotation, the ball and drive roller rotation, mounted at the end of the roller grating signal sensor to collect raster signals. The photoelectric pulse signal produced by the sensor reflects the shift of the mouse in the vertical and horizontal direction, and then controls the movement of the cursor arrows on the screen through the processing and conversion of the computer program.