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How to choose the best mechanical keyboard?
Jul 30, 2018

Mechanical keyboards, or old keyboards with separate switches under each key, have become popular recently. When many people use the modern thin film keyboard, there are also many people miss the long distance keys, each key under a single control switch mechanical keyboard. When you hit the keyboard, the dynamic rhythm and the pleasant sound make you very comfortable, but how to choose the best mechanical keyboard?

In general, we will consider a mechanical keyboard for the following reasons:

1. Mechanical keyboard can reduce input errors

You don't have to worry about hitting a keypad as much as you do today. You can easily determine which key you hit and which one you double-click. The probability of making a mistake is greatly reduced.

2. Durable

Mechanical keyboards can generally stand trial and error, and the control switch under the keyboard (commonly known as the axis) is not an integral control switch. In addition, it's easy to clean and maintain the dirty stuff when you're not careful which key gets into it.

It's more convenient to use

Typing on it feels like a real experience, and you're likely to be better at playing games when you're using a hard keyboard.

You have a strong feeling of nostalgia

If you remember the IBM Model M keyboard, you may be a nostalgic person with a nameless attachment to the mechanical keyboard. Of course, not everyone likes mechanical keyboard, some people think it is too heavy, too loud, it is not very convenient to carry, and it is more expensive than light keyboard.

How do you choose for yourself?

The essence of selecting a keyboard is to select the control switch under the keyboard, commonly known as the axis. The mechanical keyboard used by many people today is Cherry's MX axis, but each one has its own unique characteristics.

1. Cherry MX black shaft

Known as the most primitive and pure mechanical shaft, the black axis has an extremely short trigger distance and the longest service life. Mechanical sense of straightness: when pressed from the top to the bottom, there is a linear sense of pressure, so there is no need to press the bottom. The pressure of the whole control switch is generally concentrated in the middle, and the "touch bottom" is at the bottom of the key. Therefore, the MX black axis is generally included in the keyboard for the players of the game, making it easy to double-click the keyboard. But the design of the keyboard's axis is holistic, and when you press a key, the whole keyboard's axis is pushing down. This is very annoying for users who often have to type.

2. Red Cherry MX axis

The red axis is lighter than the black axis, which is also a straight up and down style (no sense of paragraph). The switch shown in the figure is also in a straight line, from the top to the bottom of the switch, but it can touch the bottom of the switch with only a little driving force, so it will be slippery when used, which makes it easy for individual users to touch by mistake, but many players give good comments. If matched properly, users can feel silky smooth. Many games are currently working with the red axis. But the most popular design keyboard is for both work and play. It doesn't feel like a collision, but it still focuses on the game keyboard.

3. Cherry MX tea axis

The tea axis is the most comprehensive in the axis, the paragraph feeling is not as obvious as the following green axis, the finger feeling is very comfortable, the strength is moderate suitable for a variety of environments, no matter the game or the typing is good. You can see a soft bump in the middle of the switch, which makes it possible for you to hit a word lightly. The nice thing about this design for gamers is that it's much easier to double-click. Because that bump is in the middle, you can use suspension when you press the button. But for users who like to go straight up and down (black axis, red axis), the sense of paragraph is not perfect, try it before you buy.

4. Cherry MX green axis

The blue axis is usually the dream of a typist, and it is not very popular in the game keyboard. Its characteristic is that the key is triggered only when the sound is played. But it doesn't work very well when typing and double-clicking, because the bottom is higher than the trigger. This one is especially suitable for word workers, but you should pay attention to the noise.

5. Cherry MX white shaft

This kind of keyboard axis is hard to find now, need very high "drive force", when pressing a keyboard, it will be harder than the general keyboard, harder and more solid than the MX brown axis, some people choose this kind of keyboard because when pressing the keyboard, the tactile feedback is particularly strong.