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How to solve the problem that the mouse is still glowing after the shutdown
Jul 30, 2018

Why the mouse still glows after shutting down the computer The motherboard's keyboard and mouse boot function is caused by the mouse after the shutdown is still the most common cause of light--in order to achieve keyboard and mouse boot, network wake-up power management functions, the current market mainstream atx12v power supply to the motherboard to provide +5VSB power. In other words, the mainstream ATX power supply in the shutdown did not cut off all the voltage supply, but retained a group of +5VSB output for the main board power, so that the motherboard, keyboard and mouse hardware in standby state.

Because the majority of motherboards now support PS/2 keyboard mouse boot, so the power supply after the shutdown is still the motherboard's PS/2 power supply, so that the mouse in standby state, this time the most obvious feature is the photoelectric mouse scanning lights will still glow. If everyone's motherboard only supports PS/2 keyboard mouse boot, the switch with the USB interface of the mouse will be able to solve the shutdown after the mouse still glow problem. But now there are many motherboards also support PS/2 and USB keyboard mouse boot, at this time, whether we use the PS/2 or USB interface of the optical mouse, as long as the keyboard mouse boot function is not closed, then the mouse after the shutdown will be in standby state.

So to solve this problem the most fundamental solution is to turn off the motherboard ps/2, USB keyboard mouse boot function. In addition, the main machine after the mouse light is also a lot of use of Intel chipset-specific motherboards are unique phenomenon. Because the Intel chipset does not cut off 220V mains power (that is, the power supply), its USB port will be random to provide 0.9v-2.5v voltage output, if you are using a USB optical mouse, then the mouse scan will still be bright.