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How to solve the right mouse button failure
Jul 30, 2018

The mouse as a part of the computer is still vital to the computer, many places are to have the help of the mouse can be completed, but the right mouse button contains a lot of functions, can let you have a wide range of operations such as refresh, font size settings, etc., but if the right mouse button suddenly failed to do?

Now everyone with small make up to learn about the right mouse button failure and the failure of the solution.

1, the system is busy without response, this may be because the system has been installed too long or too many software, resulting in large registry system garbage more, in response to this situation, we suggest that the optimization tool to optimize the computer, cleaning up the system of garbage estimates can solve this problem; 2, the problem of the hard disk caused the mouse problems, when the hard drive has bad or too much fragmentation, the mouse will certainly react very slowly, it is recommended to use CHKDSK command, as well as a computer system to clean up the debris, if you find a lot of files, then move to the other disk, finishing and then moved back to it,

This is effective and very fast, restart the computer will find the failure disappeared.

3, when we browse the Web page to copy or save some things will find the right mouse button can not be used, because there are many Web pages are blocked right mouse button, this occurs because some Web pages have been applied JavaScript disable the right mouse button, want to crack the right mouse button, there are the following three ways to solve:

1 long hold down the left mouse button, the mouse to move to the target, and then right-click the mouse, the menu will be right out;

2 long hold down the right mouse button, the mouse to move to the warning window, and then click the left mouse button to close the window, and then move the mouse back to the target, release the right mouse button can be pop-up right-click menu; 3) When entering the Web page, click on the toolbar at the top of the page, and then go to the Internet option-security-Custom level-setting, find the script settings, the Java applet script, the active script, and allow the script to paste the three scripts, set them to disabled, and then refresh the page again , the right mouse button can be used.

Reminder: When you're done, remember to reset the three script settings back to Enabled, or else you will not be able to browse other pages. No longer need to worry about the right mouse button, oh, if you have encountered this problem then try the above method, help you easily solve the right mouse button failure Oh, hurriedly try it.