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Keyboard items to choose from
Jul 30, 2018

1. Touch of keyboard

As the most commonly used input device in daily life, hand feel is undoubtedly the most important. The feeling of hand is mainly determined by the degree of resistance of the key. To determine the feel of a section of a keyboard, it will be tested from the following aspects: whether the key is moderately elastic, whether the key is evenly stressed, whether the key cap is loose or shaken, and whether the key stroke is suitable. Although different users have different requirements on the elasticity and keystroke of keys, a high-quality keyboard should meet the usage habits of the majority of users in these aspects, and the uniform force of keys and strong key caps must be ensured, otherwise, it may cause the key stuck or make users feel tired.

2. Appearance of keyboard

Appearance includes the color and shape of the keyboard, a beautiful and fashionable keyboard will add color to your desktop, and an old-fashioned keyboard will make your work more boring. Therefore, for the keyboard, as long as you feel beautiful, like, practical.

3. Keyboard making

The lower cost of the keyboard doesn't mean it's easy to handle. Good keyboard surface and edges and handle delicate and exquisite, letters and symbols on the keys usually adopt laser mark, hand touch with concave and convex feeling, choose and buy when carefully check whether keys on the printed handwriting on it, not that kind of ink printing up directly, because the keyboard's handwriting, before long, you will fall off. Don't sharpen the corners of the keyboard. Regular keyboards have CapsLock (letter case lock), NumLock (numeric keypad lock), and ScrollLock to turn on.

4. Keyboard key position layout

The keyboard has a standard distribution of keys, but manufacturers still have room for manoeuvre. First-class manufacturers can take advantage of his experience to arrange the keys of the keyboard more considerate users, small manufacturers can only use the most basic standards, even because of the quality of the poor key distribution keyboard.

5. Keyboard noise

It is believed that all users hate the noise generated by typing on the keyboard, especially those who are still working late at night, playing games and surfing the Internet. Therefore, a good keyboard must ensure that only a small noise can be generated when typing at high speed without disturbing others' rest.

6. Key position conflict of keyboard

In our daily life, we play more or less games, and when we play games, there will be continuous use of some combination keys, which requires that these keys have no conflict.

7. The length, width and height of the keyboard. (required reading at a computer desk)

When we buy a keyboard, measure the length, width, and height of the computer keyboard on the desk before buying it.