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Keyboard maintenance method
Jul 30, 2018

Many friends do not pay attention to hygiene when using the keyboard at ordinary times. For example, when eating snacks while tapping the keyboard, the crumbs of snacks are easy to fall into the gaps between keyboard keys, which will not only breed bacteria, but also affect the normal use of the keyboard. For male friends, smoking is more harmful to the keyboard, soot is easy to fall into the keyboard cracks, tobacco tar also has a strong corrosive effect on the inner film of the keyboard, and in case the cigarette end carelessly melts the plastic shell of the keyboard, it is more serious harm to the keyboard. Therefore, it is very important to develop good keyboard habits.

After using the keyboard for a long time, it is inevitable to accumulate a lot of dust and debris, so we should all clean it regularly. When cleaning up, we can place the keyboard vertically and gently remove dust and debris with a soft brush. If the membrane keyboard, can also use the keyboard apart, for a 360 ° comprehensive clean. In addition, the keyboard on the market to clean the soft glue effect is good.

For different keyboards, the following is for reference only

1. Maintenance of thin film keyboard: thin film keyboard is the most commonly used keyboard, which has the advantages of long service life, moisture-proof, dustproof and anti-oil. This doesn't mean that we don't need to pay attention to the protection of the thin film keyboard. If we don't pay attention to the maintenance, the best thin film keyboard is not durable. With the increase of the use of time, the thin film keyboard will appear such as the feel of hair, the keys become stiff and so on. This is because the friction between its "crater" button cap and the sliding track becomes greater, and the card button will appear. Faced with these problems, many friends will choose to change the keyboard. In fact, this kind of problem can be solved. We can dip the right amount of lubricating oil into a fine stick like a toothpick and apply it to the "foot" of the key cap and onto the slide track. In this way, the key to a certain extent to solve the problem of the key

2. The mechanical keyboard is different from the thin film keyboard. Its keys are made up of individual switches. Even if the mechanical keyboard has been used for a long time, it will not appear the case of hand feeling becomes astringent, but the mechanical keyboard is more "delicate" than the thin film keyboard. The mechanical keyboard does not have the function of waterproof and dustproof, so it needs our extra care. Dust is a major taboo of mechanical keyboard. When we do not use mechanical keyboard, we should cover it with cloth or plastic to prevent dust accumulation in the clearance of keyboard key switch, causing the problem of key failure. At the same time, when using the mechanical keyboard, you should avoid placing drinks or water cups around the keyboard to prevent liquid splashes on the keyboard and causing short circuit inside the keyboard.

The laptop keyboard is a kind of thin film keyboard, but it is slightly different from the desktop keyboard. The difference is that most desktop keyboards are "craters" and most laptop keyboards are "X". Many users like to play games with their laptops, but in the process of fierce fighting, if they press too hard on the keys, it will be extremely easy to cause the key failure of the keyboard. As the laptop cannot easily replace the entire keyboard like the desktop, once it is repaired, it will be very troublesome and not cheap.

In addition, the laptop keyboard also needs to be kept clean, especially not to splash water on the laptop keyboard, if the water, it is likely to damage the whole laptop. In addition, in order to protect the laptop keyboard, we can attach a protective film to the laptop keyboard, which can not only keep the laptop keyboard clean, prevent dust particles from falling into the cracks of the keyboard, but also make it easier to clean the keyboard.

The keyboard is the most necessary peripheral for us to use the computer. We can take good care of our keyboard and make it more convenient for us to use the keyboard.