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Mouse classification know how much
Jul 30, 2018

The mouse classification method is many, usually according to the key number, the interface form, the internal construction carries on the classification. Key number classification mouse can be divided into traditional double bond mice, three-button mice and a new type of multiple-key mouse. According to the earliest requirements of Microsoft definition of the mouse only need about two keys, early play computer friends should also remember the right mouse button in the Windows 3.X application is very limited, until the WIN95 operating system after the application of the right key to increase. Double-bond mouse structure is simple, widely used, generally do not need a driver to operate under the Win9x normal. The three-button mouse is further defined by IBM on the basis of two-button mice, also known as PC Mouse, compared to the two-button rats, the three-button mouse more than the key, the use of the key in some special programs often can play a role, such as in the auto CAD software can be used in the key to quickly start common commands, Increase the efficiency of the work exponentially. The early three-button mouse generally has a micro-toggle switch, used to switch between two keys and three key modes of operation. In order to be compatible with the existing operating system and play the role of the middle key, many products are equipped with their own third-party driver, the middle key in the Windows system to set a common function of the shortcut keys. The multi-key mouse is a new generation of multifunctional mice created by the "multifunction application" following Microsoft's release of the Microsoft Smart Mouse (IntelliMouse). Microsoft Smart Mouse with the wheel, making page up and down to become a great convenience, in office software can achieve a variety of special functions, with the application of the increase, then other manufacturers to produce a new mouse, in addition to the scroll wheel, but also increased the thumb keys and other shortcut keys, further simplifies the operating procedures.

Multi-Key Multifunctional mouse will also be the future development of the mouse goal and direction.

Classification by Interface mouse can be divided into PS/2, USB.

Classification by internal structure This is the most commonly used mouse classification of a way, can be divided into mechanical, optical and photoelectric type three categories. Mechanical mouse structure is the simplest, by the mouse at the bottom of the colloid small ball drive X direction roller and y direction roller, at the end of the roller has decoding wheel, decoding wheel with a metal conductive plate and brush contact directly. Mouse movement led to the rolling of the ball, and then through the friction to make two rollers drive the decoding wheel rotation, contact the decoding wheel of the brush immediately generated with two-dimensional space displacement-related pulse signal.

As the brush directly contact the decoding wheel and the mouse and the desktop direct friction, so the precision is limited, brush and decoding wheel wear is also more severe, directly affect the life of the mechanical mouse. The so-called optical machine mouse, as the name implies is a photoelectric and mechanical combination of the mouse, is currently the most common in the market of a mouse. On the basis of mechanical mouse, the light machine mice will wear the most abrasive contact brush and decoding wheel to become non-contact led to the light path element (mainly by a light-emitting diode and a grating wheel), in the rotation can be separated by the beam to generate pulse signal. As a result of the use of NON-CONTACT components to reduce the wear rate, thereby greatly improving the life of the mouse, but also in a certain range to improve the accuracy of the mouse. The appearance of the optical machine mouse is no different from the mechanical mice, it is difficult to distinguish the shell without opening the mouse. For this reason, although most of the mouse on the market using the optical machine structure, but it is customary to call it a mechanical mouse.

The Logitech Marten is a light machine mouse. The optical mouse is now the most mainstream. Infrared ray scattering spot irradiation particle with light-emitting diode and photoelectric sensor light source pulse signal sensor Photoelectric mouse is a kind of hardware device that detects the displacement of mouse, converts the displacement signal into electric pulse signal, and then controls the movement of the cursor arrow on the screen by the process and transformation of the program. The photoelectric sensor of the photoelectric mouse replaces the traditional rolling ball.

This type of sensor needs to be used in conjunction with a specially designed pad with a striped or dotted pattern.