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What is the difference between a wireless mouse and a wired mouse?
Jul 30, 2018

Wireless Mouse has one of the biggest differences with Wired mouse, wireless mouse needs to power through the battery, and the wired mouse can be powered by the computer, so the size of the battery power consumption of the wireless mouse can affect the user's use of the cost of the problem, which is also the response of the most users of a problem, some wireless mouse has a large electricity consumption,

Need to constantly change batteries, to many netizens increased the later use costs, but from the market, the battery life of 3 months or so products is a good choice, and users can consider the use of rechargeable batteries to save later costs. In addition, the inside of the mouse into the battery, will inevitably increase the weight of the mouse, affecting the friction with the mouse pad, the market's wireless mouse has the use of a single section and two-section 5th battery, but also the use of the 7th battery. So, the battery life and wireless mouse weight is really a big problem.