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Why is the metal keyboard used in industrial production equipment?
Jul 30, 2018

The high and low frequency electromagnetic interference caused by the frequent start and stop of various electrical equipments in industrial production environment and the problems of vibration, dust, temperature and humidity in the production site will affect the normal operation of industrial control machines. For this reason, the industrial control machine adopts the solid-state disk (semiconductor memory) instead of floppy disk and towers, adopts the full tempered industrial chassis, the case is equipped with double fans, positive pressure convection exhaust wind, air inlet is equipped with filter dust, the configuration is highly reliable, with overvoltage, Over-current Protection of industrial power and other measures to improve industrial control of the computer's anti-interference ability and adaptability to the environment. However, the current commonly used industrial control machines, by industrial production control requirements and on-site environmental conditions, the requirements of industrial control field keyboard should have keyboard input simple, direct (one word one button), dustproof, anti-interference and other capabilities.