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Analysis Of Common Mechanical Axes
Jul 30, 2018

Understand the working principle of the mechanical keyboard, then people often say that green, red, tea, black four kinds of mechanical axis is how to return? Speaking of different axes, we have to mention the mechanical keyboard industry giant--cherry, the German company founded in 1953, mainly engaged in the production of computer peripheral keyboard and mechanical axis, Cherry MX mechanical axis is recognized as the most classic mechanical keyboard switch,

The most representative of the MX machine axis and the most common is the above mentioned green, red, tea, black four kinds of mechanical shafts. In order to meet the different types of users for the different needs of the keyboard, so the four different axes were born.

The shaft body will have different feel is the internal spring strength and internal structure design, here is not in detail to expand the description. And about the hand mechanical keyboard feel and the first time to buy a mechanical keyboard should buy what axis of the keyboard, this point is more of a matter of opinion, there is no specific answer, after all, the keyboard is used by people, and feel this thing, with metaphysics is not exaggerated, but fortunately, as more and more users experience the mechanical keyboard,

I am also in contact with the mechanical keyboard for many years, to feel some small experience, here to give you a simple share.

First of these four kinds of shaft body, the most suitable for the pit is the red shaft, according to moderate pressure, bursts, response is also very rapid, whether it is a game or a long time typing, it is a very good choice. Black axis is really more suitable to play the game, although the need for more pressure than the red axis, but the sense of recognition is more obvious, the game is needed this feeling.

Short-time typing can also be accepted, but if it is engaged in secretarial, this daily need to play a lot of words of the occupation, long time to use the black axis will make you feel very tired, not recommended. Green axis is the most characteristic of the mechanical axis, if you usually play less games, or a moderate amount of typing is recommended to buy, this is also the author's favorite axis, if you go to the physical store feeling, I believe most users will like the green shaft that crackling sound. Of course, if you often play games, strongly do not recommend. First sound really, really big, in the office secretly play games, instant will be the boss found (don't ask me how to know ...)

And a strong sense of paragraph is not particularly appropriate for the game. The performance of the tea axis is indeed more moderate, personal feeling more suitable for typing some, compared to the Qinghai axis, sound and paragraph sense are much smaller, use up also very comfortable.