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How To Choose Keyboard Peripherals
Jul 30, 2018

Keyboard is an important input device of computer, which is an indispensable part of man-machine interaction. With the popularization of the computer, whether it is office text input or casual games, the keyboard has irreplaceable status. 

More and more people in order to protect the notebook, also began to choose to use an external keyboard, then how to choose a suitable and useful keyboard? 

1. See brand. Digital products In this respect is really good brand. Otherwise all kinds of cottage, three without, will toss people want to cry without tears. Of course, do not deliberately pursue the brand-name effect, general normal can be. 

Like thunder snakes, Sairy, Eric, Logitech, Leibo and so on. 2. Look at the appearance of the appearance here is not just the color and shape of the keyboard. These are important, but we should pay more attention to the keyboard of the human experience, comfort. For example, some keyboard is a flat piece, typing time is long, fingers and arms will be particularly sore. So we choose the keyboard should be selected with a certain radian, the underside of the keyboard to provide a liner. 

If you are more for office, you can choose professional ergonomic keyboard, you can protect your fingers will not appear strained, protect your health. 3. See the button if you buy in the entity shop, you can experience samples, you must test yourself. Feel the flexibility of keyboard keys, rebound speed, key sound and so on. The general excellent keyboard should be flexible, rebound speed moderate, sound crisp. But still a word, suit oneself is the best, as long as you are comfortable, it is the best. 

Of course, be sure to press each key once before buying to ensure that the keyboard is not damaged. 4. Look at the interface now commonly used peripheral keyboard are generally two: USB interface and Bluetooth wireless interface. USB Interface Keyboard Advantage is Plug and play, no need to install, the computer automatically updated after the driver can be used, very convenient. And the advantage of Bluetooth wireless keyboard is to give full play to the advantages of wireless, can be casually placed, free from the shackles of distance, but the price relative to the USB keyboard must be slightly more expensive.

Users should still be based on their actual needs to buy.