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Influence Factors Of Mechanical Keyboard Life
Jul 30, 2018

When it comes to the life of the keyboard, many players will think of the mechanical keyboard in the first place, because the mechanical keyboard is famous for its long life of keys, so how many years can the mechanical keyboard survive? This question is actually extremely difficult to answer, and the theoretical life of the mechanical keyboard studied and planned by various manufacturers is mainly dependent on the keys. However, everyone's application habits are different, and the frequency of application varies greatly. In addition to man-made damage and environmental reasons, the results are hard to predict but not impossible or absolutely accurate, but it is very easy to get a general conclusion.

Membrane keyboard now apply the theory of whole life is about 8 million - 30 million times, but the list of the key theoretical service life of mechanical keyboard is as high as 25 million or 50 million times, according to the normal hit 60 words a minute, hitting a button 1 minute 30 times, using 10 hours a day, also knock at most 18000 times a day, a tap on a life of the membrane keyboard is only 5 million times also can use at least a year and a half to two years, and tap life as much as 20 million times to 50 million times of mechanical keyboard using life for ten years more is not exaggerated, Compared with thin film keyboards, they last a long time.

All the above conclusions are theoretical calculations. Although they are not absolutely accurate, they are not far from accurate conclusions. Similarly, when you know the keypad life in your hand, you only need to know the number of fixed keys you use in your fixed time to calculate the keyboard life.

Mechanical keyboard in addition to the long life, feel is another big advantage, keep the use of the same strength, membrane keyboard changes very fast, a lot of typing cases, two or three months become sticky, feel the springback weak condition, and with the rubber oxidation degree, also will slowly change, feel and basic mechanical keyboard is not the problem, if only to apply the theory of single bond life, mechanical keyboard is also longer. Good thin film keyboard, with seven or eight years almost, good mechanical keyboard, over 20 years hand feeling invariable are all possible, accompany you for too much life!