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The Definition Of A Mechanical Keyboard
Jul 30, 2018

Now, whether you are working or playing games, a good mechanical keyboard has become the first choice for Internet users. With a better feel and feel, mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular

With the popularization of mechanical keyboard, more and more users are ready to buy their first mechanical keyboard. However, the more popular the mechanical keyboard is, the more people will question it.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

The working principle of the mechanical keyboard is very different from that of the common thin film keyboard. There are three layers of circuit boards inside the thin film keyboard. The upper and lower layers are printed with conductive lines. Because the inner core circuit of the keyboard is designed on thin film material, it is called thin film keyboard.

The working principle of the mechanical keyboard is that there is a separate shaft body under each key, which is used to trigger the signal. After the user presses the button, two springs inside the shaft contact each other and generate the signal. Since each key of the mechanical keyboard requires a unique shaft, the price of the mechanical keyboard is relatively high.