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The Modern Development Trend Of Keyboard
Jul 30, 2018

If the CPU is the heart of the computer and the monitor is the face of the computer, then the keyboard is the mouth of the computer, which enables the smooth communication between people and the computer. However, as the peripheral product with most contact with us, the function of keyboard is ignored in most cases, which of course has a lot to do with its slow development.

Big mouth history

The keyboard of the PCXT/AT era is mainly composed of 83 keys, which has lasted for a long time. However, as the popularity of Windows system has been eliminated in recent years, brands such as HP and lenovo have taken the lead in adopting such keyboard, which has been widely praised and was once regarded as the feature of brand machines. With the passage of time, gradually, there are independent products with various quick functions sold separately in the market, with special drive and setting software, and personalized operation can be realized on compatibles.

A preliminary study on the shape of mouth

Shell side

The conventional keyboard has CapsLock (alphabetic case lock), NumLock (numeric keypad lock) and ScrollLock3 indicator lights to mark the current state of the keyboard. These lights are generally located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, but some keyboards, such as acer's ErgonomicKB and HP's original keyboard, use a built-in indicator light in the key cap to make it easier to determine the current state of the keyboard, but most keyboards don't use this design due to the complexity of the technology.

No matter how the keyboard form changes, the basic keyboard arrangement remains basically unchanged. It can be divided into the main keyboard area, the digital auxiliary keyboard area, the function keyboard area of F key, and the control key area.

The "three mouths" debate

According to the application, the keyboard can be divided into desktop keyboard, laptop keyboard and industrial computer keyboard.

The traditional desktop keyboard is still the mainstream in the market, but it is no different in appearance or technology than it was a few years ago. With the improvement of the quality of life, the thick desktop keyboard is becoming more and more incompatible with the fashionable and healthy LCD monitor, smart and comfortable photoelectric mouse. The traditional desktop keyboard USES a track-and-slide frame. Although the key has a long keystroke and a good touch, the sound of the key is relatively large when typing text due to the defect of the frame itself. As a result, many famous manufacturers have made continuous modifications to the traditional keyboard. For example, as a well-known brand in the industry, aigo is good at technological innovation, good at grasping fashion and keen insight into demand. In the second half of 2006, kb-f920, the ultra-thin hand feel king, is more refined. Its design concept continues the concept of "ultra-thin", the thinnest part of the keyboard is less than 1cm, breaking through the thickness and rigidity of the old keyboard. The curve curve is more natural and smooth, and the buttons are slightly abrupt and full of texture. The whole appearance is delicate and elegant, which makes people remember clearly. At the same time, aigo, in order to help users easily face the embarrassment of water entering the keyboard, carefully improved the product structure, chose the production materials strictly, made the waterproof design more perfect, and made the development of the traditional keyboard more advanced.

The laptop keyboard, though not new in 2003, was a big hit in 2003. The consistent feature of this type of keyboard is that it is thin, small and fashionable. A lot of users choose notebook architecture keyboard to match liquid crystal display, such as the whole desktop will appear concise and fashionable. When it comes to buttons, they use a laptop keyboard. The key will not tilt the key cap due to the uneven hitting strength or the wrong hitting position, and will not appear the phenomenon of card key. At the same time, the pressure of the button is small, and users are not easily tired after long input. On the mute side, the laptop keyboard is quite well designed, with the user typing words much less loudly than a traditional desktop keyboard. In addition, the keystroke of the laptop keyboard is very short, and it is far less portable than the traditional desktop keyboard.

Word of mouth

The development trend of the keyboard is becoming more and more professional, and the performance of the keyboard varies according to the different USES it is engaged in. For example, a gamer is basically a player with a display screen, or many keyboard shortcuts. For regular users, a washable keyboard is required. There are glowing keyboards, split keyboards and so on. These are designed for the user's needs. Consider the ZBOARD game keyboard, designed specifically for gaming apps. The most impressive feature of this keyboard is the built-in technology advantage. Compared with most other keyboards that can press 2 to 4 keys at the same time, warlord can press up to 7 keys at the same time. W/E/D three commonly used buttons can work together to solve the problem of key position conflict perfectly, making it more convenient for players to issue action instructions in the game.

The keyboard used to be a simple operation on a computer, but now it has more functions. A multimedia keyboard allows computer users to control the keyboard directly. You don't need to click on the Internet Icon on the screen. Likewise, there are certain keys that control cd-roms, including Internet access, E-mail, and voice control. Some have a circular dial at the bottom of the keyboard that can replace the mouse.

The hottest wireless technology on the market is also being used on keyboards. The application of wireless technology allows you to get rid of the limitation and bondage of keyboard line, one end is computer, the other end you can be free to operate freely, mainly have bluetooth, infrared ray and so on. However, the transmission distance and anti-interference between the two are different. Generally speaking, bluetooth is superior to infrared in transmission distance and security and confidentiality. The effective distance of infrared ray transmission is about 1 ~ 2 meters, while that of bluetooth is about 10 meters. The future of wireless keyboards is endless. It is not only to solve the problem of computer peripheral equipment, but also to pave the way for the future development of computer multi-function entertainment. Use the TV screen to browse the Internet and watch Internet TV programs. Wireless keyboard can be used to control the wireless function has been fully displayed.