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Three Mistaken Ideas Of Mechanical Keyboard Purchase
Jul 30, 2018

With the gradual specialization of competitive games, the once popular game keyboard is gradually replaced by the overwhelming mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard has a long service life and a better handfeel experience, which is favored by the majority of game players. Huge market also lets a lot of unscrupulous businessmen find the loophole that earns profit, at present the mechanical keyboard on the market is intermingled with each other, the price is from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, category is so many, how can consumer avoid buying the keyboard that pit a person? This paper describes the three mistakes of choosing mechanical keyboard.

A mechanical keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard

The key structure of the traditional thin film keyboard was changed into a segmented scheme, which was involved in the tough and elastic polyformaldehyde data (POM), and then the touch of the key was changed. These robotic keyboards have a better feel than those that are close to the tea axis, or even have the keys moving and moving, than the typical thin-film keyboard. However, compared with the real tea - axis keyboard, there are still significant differences.

The difference between the mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard mainly in the shaft body, see there was no significant difference from the appearance, which makes many merchants was sold on the basis of mechanical touch keyboard, actually sold are membrane keyboard, and in order to confuse, also divided into green, black shaft axis, to pretend to be mechanical keyboard, and the voice of the buttons can also be issued a "kaka" sound like a mechanical keyboard, not understanding of mechanical keyboard player, it's easy to be deceived. In fact, each axis of the mechanical keyboard is independently controlled, and it is not accurate to judge by sound alone. As a result of the control of the axis, there is no conflict between mechanical keyboard and above 6 keys at the same time.

2. The domestic axis replaces the original factory axis

Mechanical keyboard is the most critical part of the shaft body, Germany's CHERRY "CHERRY" brand production of the axis of the body are of good quality, soft handle is known as the original axis, industry tend to "original shaft body" for the selling point, the domestic some inferior axis body both in technology and various technique with the German "CHERRY" there is a big gap, a lot of unscrupulous businessmen publicity for the original axis, the actual use inferior domestic shaft body to shoddy, the manufacturing cost will be greatly reduced, so as to earn profits. However, when consumers buy mechanical keyboards for the first time, it is difficult to experience a large gap in their hand sense, and then they are attracted by the low price. After a period of use, the problem of inferior shaft body will be gradually exposed and even rapidly aging.

There are also some brands in the domestic shaft body that can achieve a high cost performance, which can improve the hand feeling to a certain extent. However, in the publicity, the original shaft body of Germany will not be called as the original shaft body of Germany.

A good shaft does not equal a good keyboard

Even if the original shaft body of the mechanical keyboard is adopted, it does not mean that it has a better sense of hand. Many small brands use the original shaft body of the cherry factory in promotion. And the hand feeling enhancement still has the key cap and the key reasonable layout. While good key caps such as POM and PBT have high material costs and are not easy to drop paint and oil, while ordinary ABS key caps are easy to appear oil gloss over a period of time. Although the shaft body is the soul of the mechanical keyboard, but the choice should also consider the brand and overall craftsmanship.

Hot e-sports game to make the mechanical keyboard has become the mainstream of current peripherals products, players to upgrade equipment generally choose mechanical keyboard as game shooting and manipulation of the tool, the demand of the market prompted merchants for the sake of profit do not hesitate to harm the interests of consumers, shoddy obfuscate, publicity materials, caused a certain degree of to buy, hope you carefully identify, choose and mechanical keyboard, try to avoid buying very low prices, find a suitable mechanical keyboard.