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What Kind Of Keyboard Is A Game Keyboard?
Jul 30, 2018

The word "game keyboard" is familiar to many players who love games. As the name implies, the game keyboard is a keyboard product designed for a specific user group. But in recent years the market appears all sorts of strange shapes and forms, the keyboard of all sorts of all sorts is in succession called "game keyboard" swagger. It also sells 30 dollars a normal ordinary keyboard, manufacturers the WASD keys four keys to change color, add a few LED lights immediately turned into a price hundreds or even hundreds of yuan "professional game keyboard", as some introductory game players often because it can't identify the problems, so I listen to the store slanderers have been fooled.

So what elements must a qualified game keyboard have? How do we choose our own game keyboard? Today, I'm going to tell you more about the game keyboard.

1. Appearance modeling

Appearance is important to everyone. Don't believe that the more useful something is, the more mediocre it looks. This is the 21st century. Of course, appearance doesn't equal whimsy and fancy colors. Generally speaking, the excellent game keyboard pays more attention to the ergonomic design in the shape, and how to make users get the most natural and comfortable experience in use is the most successful place for the appearance of a keyboard. On the other hand, many so-called "game keyboards" pursue an alternative style in modeling, regardless of how consumers feel when using their home products. Such keyboards can easily cause fatigue when used for a long time and affect users' feelings of use.

2. Key layout

First of all, as a player, you must understand what your main game type is. The difference between a game keyboard for a traditional game and a game keyboard for an MMO game is huge. Before a friend out heavily bought a famous brand one thousand yuan level game keyboard, look back with small make up I big beefing, say so expensive game keyboard is worse than the ordinary keyboard of dozens of dollars, the result went to his house, he bought is a MMO game artifact, but his game is CF traditional games such as type, no wonder this is not working. Because different types of games are not only used in keyboard modeling, but also in key arrangement, traditional games should try to choose the standard form of cloth keys, while online game players should consider some game keyboards with more function keys. This is also the difference between a game keyboard and a normal keyboard. Only when used correctly can the advantage of a game keyboard be reflected.

3. Operation sense

Let's start with the regular keyboard. The main function of ordinary keyboard is typing input, because it needs to take into account the reason that the user works for a long time, so the touch of keys is almost soft, so it is not easy to get tired. The game keyboard, on the other hand, basically doesn't have that kind of long homework, so it's more about performance. As a qualified a game keyboard, first in terms of key rebound must be fast enough to leave the type of feeling is unable to meet the requirements of the game, in addition has strict requirements in key travel, that even extended to the corresponding to each type, such as FPS game, request button to trigger must be quite quickly, because this kind of game is more exquisite instant response operation, buttons on the trigger and response if there is a little delay will cause the situation of inadequate; For RTS, the required keystroke cannot be too long, because in the case of multi-unit operation, players need to mobilize multiple keystroke operations in a short time. If the keystroke is too long, it will affect the operation rhythm, which is also not allowed. So the game keyboard is significantly different from the normal keyboard in terms of keystroke and trigger time.

4. Material of key cap

As a very important part of the keyboard, the key cap is often ignored by players. The key cap determines the height and depth of the key for a keyboard, the feel of the hand, and so on. Common keyboard in general use only the common engineering plastics, the material is not durable, in a short period of time will appear preview, believes that many used ordinary keyboard playing the game players will know, commonly used some of the key in a short time will become looks like the oil slippery, it is also a common keyboard and the game keyboard a big difference. The key cap of the game keyboard is generally designed in the shape of U, so that when the finger tip and the key touch can be fully attached to the finger, achieving a rich tactility, which can improve the hand feel to a certain extent. According to Cherry, the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical keyboards, the subtle differences between the index, middle, ring and tail fingers should be reflected in the corresponding concavity of the key cap. This is also unique to the game keyboard design.

PBT and POM are both excellent materials in terms of the material of the key cap. There is no need to decide which one is better in terms of the slight difference in hand feeling, because there is no final conclusion in the industry as to which material can replace the other. However, in terms of cost, the POM is slightly higher, and the feel of the key cap depends to some extent on the surface coating of the material, or the grinding process. With the help of two-color forming process, it can have a longer life than other laser etching, laser packing, oil printing and other printing techniques. In this way, the cost is also relatively higher, which is why the game keyboard is more expensive.

5. Stability

The game keyboard is also more stable than the normal keyboard. Due to too much tension in the game, players often have more power, if the keyboard is too light, it will be easy to shift the output errors and so on. Therefore, the game keyboard has all made the aggravation processing inside the keyboard, and even some keyboards have made the anti-sliding processing at the bottom. In this way, the game keyboard can firmly grasp the surface of the platform and increase operation stability.

6. Extended functions

Most game keyboards are now equipped with supporting driver software and other software programs, some of which sell dog meat on sheep's heads. The so-called supporting software only has some functions such as adjusting backlight, lighting, etc., all of which are used to make up the number of people. A qualified game keyboard will inevitably rely on the corresponding supporting software to achieve some core functions (now there are also some products that can adjust functions through internal chips) such as macro Settings, shielding Settings and so on. All of these features make it easy to play a few games over and over again, but not on a regular keyboard.