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What's The Difference Between A Game Keyboard And A Regular Keyboard?
Jul 30, 2018

Among many game keyboards, the most popular one is the mechanical keyboard. There's no difference between a mechanical keyboard and a normal keyboard for the office, but it's completely different in the hands of gamers.

As for the mechanical keyboard, in addition to the well-known green axis, red axis, tea axis, green axis and so on, in order to catch up with the hot current situation of electronic competitive games and meet the fashionable and dazzling appearance that players are pursuing, keyboard manufacturers have developed their own unique advantages and developed the most suitable keyboard to meet the needs of players.

It is expensive and prudent for players to invest in the mechanical keyboard. Choosing the right mechanical keyboard can not only enjoy the pleasure of the game's crackling finger tips, but also be more flexible in the game. Take a look at what keyboard vendors are doing on mechanical keyboards, and what keyboard experiences you value!

Keyboard backlight is very common, but it is very rare to adjust the background light and input light respectively on RGB, and it can show the lamp effect after the combination of the two.

Visual experience is the first experience for players, but performance is not negligible! It would be perfect if you had both! As long as you think of it, keyboard vendors have done it! The mechanical keyboard favored by many players of pirate ships can be said to be a physical keyboard with both appearance and performance. Durable aluminum frames can withstand numerous keystrokes over the course of your life with wire drawing.