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CNC Wired Mechanical KeyboardsCNC wired mechanical gaming keyboard, 104 keys waterproof mechanical keyboard with IF awards mechanical Flaretech switch and LED color backlight.

Product description

CNC wired mechanical keyboards

CNC wired mechanical gaming keyboard, 104 keys waterproof mechanical keyboard with IF awards mechanical Flaretech switch and LED color backlight.


● Switch: Flaretech prism shaft optical switch

● Material: ABS+Aluminum

● 12 kinds of backlight efficacy 

● N key rollover

● Transmission speed: 0.01MS

● Compatible with: Windows XP/ Window Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10(32/64 bit)

● Waterproof: keyboard can be put in the water and used normally after take it out of the water and wipe off the water


● Size: 443*140.5*40mm (including cover frame)

● N.W.: 1300g (including cover frame)

● G.W.: g

● Key life: 100 million times

● Cable length: 1600±20mm

● Interface Type: USB

● Key: 104 keys

Application: game, office 

Warranty: 12 months

We offer one year warranty (man-made damage are not accepted).

Package includes: 

1 x box

1 x Mechanical Keyboard

1 x User Guide

Product details 

Panel with magnet: detachable panel with magnet can be removed easily, and it is convenient to clean up.


Flaretech Switch-International honors & awards: Mechanical Flaretech switch, its great performance: feeling, response, double sound, long life, photoconductivity etc, had won the IF awards. IF Hanover Germany with evaluation standards of "keep improving" and "Independent, rigorous, reliable", and it is well-known throughout the world, and the award-winning products also represent it is proven technology. 

Plug and play switch

Orange switch with strong sense of paragraphs, you will feel strong rhythm when playing games, crispy sound, double "CLICK" sound touch and ergonomic design (Hand feeling between blue and brown switches)

Transparent switch with noise reduction features, higher line when playing games, straight up and down without a paragraph, it is so smooth when you input orders (Hand feeling better than red switch).

Mechanical Keyboard with top magnetic panel


Mechanical Keyboard without top magnetic panel



Question: Does this mechanical keyboard have backlight effects?

Answer: Yes, this mechanical keyboard has 12 kinds of backlight effects.

Question: Can i don't buy the top magnetic panel ?

Answer: Sure, you can just buy the keyboard, and save some cost.

Question: How many multimedia keys it has?

Answer: 12 multimedia keys, press FN+F1~F12, such as calculator, my computer, Mailbox, Homepage, stop, PREV, play/pause, next track, player, volume-, volume+, mute.

Question: How to lock WIN and APP?

Answer: Press FN+WIN-L.

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